• Image of Someday You Will Be Proven Correct 2xLP

Caustic Casanova's classic 2012 album. A 2xLP double gatefold on black vinyl, with separate lyric sheet, a custom hand made etching on side D, and artwork unique to the vinyl packaging. Comes with a download code.

Side A
1. The Space Needle 3:59
2. Hail Fellow Well Met 6:59
3. Penmanship 5:39
4. Your Spirit Festooned On The Bedposts 1:35
Side B
1. Short Commute, Live Forever 3:44
2. Infinite Happiness 4:10
3. There Is No Need For Grammar On The Moon 0:49
4. Snake In The Grass 4:52
5. A Campfire Of Your Own Awe 3:11
Side C
1. Bulwark 5:19
2. 17:59 6:49
3. The Unfathomable Heart 9:10

© 2011, Mad Love Records
All songs written and performed by Caustic Casanova
( © 2011 Beringer/Wollitz/Zaenker)
released February 7, 2012

Recorded and Engineered By J. Robbins At The Magpie Cage, Baltimore, MD
Mixed by J. Robbins and Caustic Casanova
Produced by J. Robbins and Caustic Casanova
Mastered by Bob Weston At Chicago Mastering Service

Cover Art: Untitled © 2011 AK Sagal
Art Direction: Caustic Casanova
Package Design: Mackie Osborne