• Image of CC Sticker Pack
  • Image of CC Sticker Pack

10 stickers, 8 of which are high quality thick vinyl stickers. Just as our t-shirts are the most comfortable around, our stickers are the most satisfying to stick.

The stickers are:
Lïve Läugh Löve Malört (our new live EP)
Plague Doctor Quetzal
Aviator Cardinal
"Born Again" Kitten
"Born Again" Puppy
Chiquita Banana Pantheon Vol. 2
CC Space Force
Stegosaurus Car Smasher
Breaks Day of the Dead Skull
Very Old-School CC Mountains Sticker w/ myspace web address

Art by Jase Harper, except for the CC Space Force sticker, design by Shane Gardner, the Breaks Skull, design by The Flat Rocks, and Live Laugh Love Malort, design by Eddie Limperis