• Image of Breaks LP

CC's Breaks, released on purple/gray swirl vinyl in 2016, with alternate artwork from the CD/digital release. Comes with an insert, full lyric sheet, and download card. Download card features track 7 "The Painted Desert."

Side A
1. Thundersnow
2. Show Some Shame
3. Elect My Best Friend For A Better World
Side B
1. Quezalteca Deathswitch Blues
2. The Forgiveness Machine
3. No Sky July

Released July 21 2016
Produced by J. Robbins and Caustic Casanova at the Magpie Cage, Baltimore, MD
Mixed by J. Robbins and Caustic Casanova
Mastered by Dan Coutant at SunRoom Audio, Cornwall, NY
Artwork and Layout by The Flat Rocks
Additional Layout by Laura Pleasants

All songs written and performed by Caustic Casanova
All lyrics by Francis Beringer

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